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Your Pilates, Your Way: Genuine, Tailored, Transformative!

What classes do I offer?

This course introduces fundamental Pilates principles: alignment concentration, breathing awareness, core muscle engagement, and balance.


Smaller group classes offer tailored attention to your specific needs, while medium-sized groups focus on specialised areas like Golf Pilates or training for runners, cyclists, and racket sports.

Group Classes

Intermediate mat classes are for those who have recently attended ten or more classes. We take it up a notch with more challenging exercises.


I offer personalised one-on-one Pilates sessions tailored to your needs. Consultation required for customisation, sessions arranged either at your home or in my studio, each lasting 60 minutes.

Private One to One

Our open-level classes welcome all, featuring beginner to intermediate exercises. Tailoring to group ability, we may incorporate advanced repertoire for added variety.

Mixed Ability

Discover specially designed Pilates exercises aimed at preventing and managing lower back pain. Medical practitioners may refer you to our Back4Good Programme for persistent issues.


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