“The Body Control Pilates for Golfers programme is really effective for improving performance and reducing the risk of injury. It helps to promote quality, range and control of movement and to enhance the golf swing.”
– Dr. Andrew Murray (Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor, European Tour and Challenge Tour Golf)

Berkshire Pilates offers you a specially – adapted exercise programme that will help you to optimise your performance and improve your game.

Why Pilates?

  • Build up the back muscles evenly.
  • Elongate and align the spine for better stability.
  • Strengthen the abdominals.
  • Increase overall flexibility, strength, and balance.
  • Increase range of motion in hips and shoulders.
  • Enhance concentration through focused breathing.
  • Become more body aware

Pilates’ principles match perfectly with golf and golf exercise.

Pilates lengthens and strengthens muscles while building a uniformly developed balanced body, focusing on core strength—-abs, gluteals, lower back, pelvic muscles, inner thighs, and intrinsic, deep stabilizers throughout all joints of the body.

Pilates is whole body exercise just as the golf swing is, working all 7 physical performance factors and demands integration of breath, control, flexibility, strength, precision, and body awareness. When you develop awareness of moving from your core first, you will initiate every shot or putt from the same place, leading to increased repeatable and consistent shots and putts.

While classical Pilates is great for all around conditioning and will certainly help you perform better in all aspects of your life, golf specific Pilates is functional because you are mirroring functional golf positions relating to various swing phases. For effective results, it is essential that classes are taught by a qualified specialist. Golf Pilates mat requires no equipment and can be done anywhere.

Your Berkshire Pilates4Golfers specialist teacher will offer a range of options tailored to suit your needs, including group classes, one to one sessions, and workshop.

Most of the professional golfers exercise to improve their bodies and game. Indeed many of them like Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam and Rich Beam include Pilates. Golfers of all levels find consistent Pilates practice improves their game and reduces pain and injuries. Golf Pilates will help you maintain optimum dynamic posture and spine angle. This can reduce lower back strain and improved shoulder girdle stability, which in turn can relieve shoulder, wrist and elbow pain.

Proper mechanics and swing plane require strength, flexibility, and a strong core, all of which can be attained in 15 minutes a day of golf specific Pilates exercises combined with technical Assistance from a Berkshire Pilates4Golfers Professional.