“Celluma” Sport LED Light Therapy

With Celluma’s light therapy technology and unique body contouring device design, you can regain and maintain your body’s natural vitality without the need for prescription drugs and their dangerous side effects, leading to long-lasting, life-improving pain management you can rely on.

How Does Light Therapy for Pain Work?

In the same way that plants grow by getting their energy from the sun during photosynthesis, infrared (IR) therapy — or “low-level light” therapy — uses specific, proven wavelengths to stimulate a natural response in human tissue that can increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, ease muscle pain, relieve joint stiffness, and enhance overall cell performance on a microscopic level. Infrared (IR) light therapy works by boosting cellular energy to encourage and enhance the body’s natural healing abilities.

When tissue is damaged, pain occurs. Human tissue can be compromised in a variety of ways; a sprained ankle, a surgical procedure that didn’t heal properly, or even an overly intense gym session can all cause bodily discomfort and emotional distress. Pain can be short-term or long-term, and because it presents itself differently in every person, it can be extremely difficult to treat.

Full TreatmentMost Popular

£ 250.00

For a set of 6 sessions30min   x 6 Session

One off session

£ 50

Per sessionOne off session

Treatment Time

15 - 30 minutes sessions

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Recovery Time


Estimated Sessions

Recommended course of 6 - 12 treatments

Period of Sensitivity

Up to 48 hours estimated

Optimum Results

Will see results after first session, best results after full course.

Potential Side Effects

Redness, skin irritation, swelling.

Length of Results

Up to 1 year

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